Automotive industry

Systems for the automotive industry require more intelligent, better maximised solutions to improve performance, efficiency and quality. Being a service provider, using know-how, we help our customers implement process optimisation and applications.


In sectors dealing with human life, we focus more on quality, reliability and precision in manufacturing our end-of-line test systems. We develop, design and manufacture our systems with the highest standards.

Food &_ Beverage

For automation and quality improvement in the Food&_Beverage industry, transparency and traceability of products is the priority. We offer complete control of production with our test systems and data management systems.

Image processing

In the field of quality assurance and industrial image processing, we develop methods and technical solutions for applications, especially in the field of quality assurance and process automation in production, robotics, automotive, food & beverage, pharmacy and safety engineering.

  • Engineering

  • Automation

  • Visualisation

  • Visual control systems

L&_P Elektroautomatisation was founded in 1988 as a partnership under the German civil code (GbR). After a six-year development phase, the business form was changed to GmbH in 1994 and renamed to L&_P Elektroautomatisations GmbH. We, L&_P Elektroautomatisations GmbH, focus on the development, planning and the construction of test facilities and production facilities. For several years, we have been working very closely with renowned companies from special purpose machinery manufacturing as well as with manufacturers of PLC controls and image processing systems. In the test systems, we also use image processing systems for attendance checks, measurements, surface analyses, code recognition and colour recognition, apart from measuring systems for path, rotation angle and force measurements among other things and hence we are familiar with the various image processing systems. In recent years, we have evolved to become a sound and an efficient company, not least because of the technical competence of our employees.

Doorcheck – Testsystem by L&_P GmbH

Doorcheck - Testsystem by L&_P GmbH  In the checking system there is about „traversierende-DoorCheck-Testing System“. It could be used only for the control of produced interior car doors for VT-L/R – HT-L/R including electro and light testing of the whole...

Instrumentboard Check – Testsystem by L&_P GmbH

Instrumentboard Check - Checksystem by L&_P GmbHThe test systems are built as independent, functional systems. The assemblies (for example, interior doors, i-panels, bumper, side panels, etc.) are inserted manually or vertically into the contour-accurate photographs...

DoorCheck – Testsystem by L&_P GmbH

DoorCheck - Test system by L&_P GmbH Our “DoorCheck – test system” is used exclusively for the manufacturing supervision of interior doors of the car Front Door L/R – Rear Door L/R. The test system is built as an independent, functional system. We get cycle times...

FrontCheck – Test system by L&_P GmbH

FrontCheck - Test system by L&_P GmbH The test system is used for In-Line final check of Autofront bumpers at the end of the assembly line. The bumpers are placed manually on true-to-contour images. In the test facility, the bumpers are checked for correct...

DoorCheck Insignia – Test system by L&_P GmbH

DoorCheck Insignia - Test system by L&_P GmbH The test system is used to check door panels. It has two installation points (manual) and two sampling points (robots) with true-to-contour images for front and back doors of the respective vehicle side (left and...


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