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30 Years L&_P - Elektroautomations GmbH

30 years of L & _P – this is celebrated and reported on.

An excerpt from the article: 30 years of L & _P Elektroautomatisations GmbH. Specialists for individual test systems and end-of-line test systems. Anyone who sits in a premium class car will enjoy the “rich sound” that the door makes when it slams shut. He is less concerned that the locking mechanism works properly and that all passengers are safely in the car. To ensure that such a car leaves the manufacturer’s plant in a perfect – and therefore safe – condition, this is ensured, among other things, by test systems from L & _P Elektroautomatizations GmbH.

The company has been involved in the development, planning and construction of test and production systems for 30 years, which enable 100% final inspection. The company also specializes in the development of high-speed feeding systems with robot and camera support, especially for the automotive industry, but also for customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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