Automation means converting tried and tested manual work into partly and/or fully automatic processes or operating systems independently and without the help of humans. We have made it our business to replace manual processes by time-optimised and quality-oriented automated systems. The better we achieve this goal, that much higher is the degree of automation. We are a mid-sized company with advanced thinking and impressive performances. The satisfaction and loyalty of our clients allows continuous expansion of our company.

We offer end-to-end solutions for:

  • Manufacture of testing systems and testing facilities
  • Manufacture of special machines and systems
  • System applications for material flow systems and logistics systems (SAP couplings)
  • Robotic applications for –  Assembly and feeding solutions –  Shaping and reshaping technology –  Adhesive and testing technology –  Handling and welding technology
  • Camera-guided robot applications
  • Visualisation systems
  • Production monitoring