DoorCheck Insignia – Test system by L&_P GmbH

The test system is used to check door panels. It has two installation points (manual) and two sampling points (robots) with true-to-contour images for front and back doors of the respective vehicle side (left and right). The test cabin with corresponding cameras and white LED lights is located at the centre.

The door panels are inserted manually by the employees with the exposed side (A-side) upwards in the true-to-contour images. A pasted 2D code or barcode is scanned using a handheld scanner by the employee. The system checks the plausibility of the code and sends a request to the production control system (Traceability System). There it is checked whether all preliminary processes have been completed properly. If there is positive feedback from the production control system, the test sequence required for this door type is automatically compiled using the software. The employee presses the Start button. If the test cabin is ready for the test, the door panel goes to the test station and it is checked there. Various contours, colours and features are recorded and evaluated. For this purpose, attendance checks, surface checks and measurements are taken.

At the same time, the previously checked door panel goes to the other side at the removal station and the results are summarized. A robot that is mounted on the other side of the test cabin removes the checked door panel. The status data and the process data for the component are sent to the production control system.

An OK door panel is placed on an OK conveyor belt by a robot. A NOT-OK door panel is placed on a NOT-OK conveyor belt. At the end of the NOT-OK conveyor belt, the employee is shown the status of the that door panel. The status is displayed clearly and in detail (red point on image of the door panel plus plain text).

The operation and the observation of the complete system is done using the Touch panel in the insertion area.

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Video: L&_P GmbH Doorcheck System in practical application.