DoorCheck – Test system by L&_P GmbH

Our “DoorCheck – test system” is used exclusively for the manufacturing supervision of interior doors of the car Front Door L/R – Rear Door L/R. The test system is built as an independent, functional system. We get cycle times between 12 and 25 seconds per interior door. The control cabinets are integrated in the test system.
The test system has a feeder side and a removal side, in between there are two test cabins. The interior doors are inserted with the exposed side (A-side) downwards and the parapet towards the worker manually in the true-to-contour images. The user software is developed in such a way that after placing the interior doors, first the Broadcast code is imported, through which the door version is determined. Based on this information, the user software independently develops the test sequence with the saved parameters and starts the test routine. All the saved values are ascertained and these are saved after the sequence in a file.

After completion of the test, the interior doors go to the exit station and the results are summarized and displayed. If the test is OK, a “green signal” is issued and the operator can remove the interior doors. If the test is NOT OK, the errors are displayed, plus a “red signal” is issued and further action is decided by the operator. By using this test system, the manual audit work becomes unnecessary by almost 100%.

The test system is operated using TFT Touchscreens at the entry/exit (1 x keyboard and mouse are also available). The labelling of the surface is in German and it has language options. Here, only the visible surface labelling is modified. The operation is easy to understand and easy to execute. For setting-up the individual car interior doors, a user-friendly user interface is used, which allows configuration without special knowledge of image processing. The test system interactively supports the worker (if required) with model management for setting-up a new test item.

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Video: L&_P GmbH Doorcheck System in practical application.